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BELGRADELIMO SERVICE provides for your local transport in Belgrade and throughout Serbia, Montenegro & The Balkans region.

Our chauffeur service is the cheapest solution for your ground transportation. Instead of renting a car and paying extra money and deposits- simply hire our transport service for less.

For price lower than any car rental deal available in Belgrade you'll get complete travel service - including :



Logistics support
Help in communication with local people (all drivers fluently speak English)
Organization of meetings, seminars, business lunches etc.
Equipments for your business events


Organize sightseeing tours in Belgrade and Serbia / Montenegro
Arrange accommodation
Recommend interesting places to visit and provide professional and licensed travel guides
Do the translation
Provide all important information and advices related to your stay in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro


Flexibility in terms of arrangements and prices, high quality, reliability, honesty and low prices guarantee your satisfaction!






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